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We had a customer come into our shop for a key duplication. After talking to the customer we found out they had just gotten 2 keys cut at the local hardware store that did not work in the locks. The customer was hoping he would have better luck at our lock shop. Do you know why it didn’t work?



There are 2 possible reasons the keys did not work:

  1. The key machine at the local hardware store may have not been adjust. These machines must be maintained and adjusted periodically to assure proper duplicating.
  2. The key being duplicated may be one that has been duplicated before. Meaning that as you duplicate a key over and over again it becomes less and less accurate and will eventually will not work in the lock.

After further investigating it was determined that rekeying the locks was in order. With the customers permission we stored the keying information in our key trail software so any future keys cut will be just like the original ones made after rekeying assuring a working key every time.

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