Keyscan Aurora Software will drive Keyscan access control systems, regardless of size or complexity, from one door in a single location, to thousands of doors and users in multiple locations around the world. Advanced functions include managing, auditing and controlling door and elevator floor access as well as seamless wireless lock integration offering a hybrid hardwired and wireless system with full control and audit capability, using the same credential throughout your facility.

Keyscan Aurora is ideal for small and mid-size access control installations, while also comfortably supporting the demands of large, multi-faceted and corporate enterprise-caliber access control deployments. Applications for the Keyscan Aurora Software include access control systems in School/University or Commercial/Industrial where many nodes of security must be maintained. IDN, Inc. is an authorized Keyscan distributor.

Keyscan Aurora Software

Features and Benefits:

  • VMS Integration with Milestone, Avigilon, OnSSI, i3 International, Salient Systems, Exacq, OpenEye and more
  • Wireless lock integration
  • Active Directory integration
  • Aurora web client interface
  • Centrally managed access control
  • Optional upgrade to full SQL server
  • Optional licensed and add-on modules for enhanced and added functionality
  • Ten (10) assigned groups to a single credential holder
  • Support for 45,000 credentials (up to 90,000*)
  • People-centric methodology allows multiple credentials assignable to a single person
  • Unlimited user-definable fields
  • Optional licensed Software Development Kit (SDK) available
  • English, French, Spanish and Portuguese language support

Keyscan Aurora Software Overview

To place an order for Keyscan Aurora Software or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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