KSP Key Control

KSP is now offering an EX Series Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC). The KSP EX Series SFIC Cores are available in BEST keyways (see below) and are operated by an elongated key, which allows you to restore the integrity to a key system. A few “key” doors can easily be replaced with these EX Cores and the average length keys will not operate these particular doors but the elongated keys will operate the key system already in place.

KSP EX Series Core

BEST Keyways Available:

  • A Keyway
  • B Keyway
  • C Keyway
  • D Keyway
  • E Keyway
  • F Keyway
  • G Keyway
  • H Keyway
  • J Keyway
  • K Keyway
  • L Keyway
  • M Keyway
  • Q Keyway

Arrow Keyways Available:

  • 1C Keyway
  • 1D Keyway


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