Labor Saver #2

Today we feature another Labor Saver, which is the CompX Stealthlock. You may have heard about this product, and maybe you even have installed it yourself. If you have heard about it but have not had a chance to install this, you need to read this article!

CompX Stealthlock Hidden Cabinet Lock

Features of the StealthLock:

  • Keyless cabinet locking system using radio frequency technology
  • One transmitter pad can operate a single or multiple receiver latches
  • Transmitter pad operates within a 15 feet range
  • Operates with separate and programmable user and supervisor codes
  • User programmable with optional modes of operation for single use or self lock
  • Works with wood, phenolic resin and glass material
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Why Install this Product?
If you are a locksmith who frequently works at a hospital, install this to lock up the patient’s personal items. If you are a locksmith who frequently works at a school, install this lock on desks to help the teachers lock up their items, or to lock up their cabinets. For those who work mostly residential, this lock works great on locking up home cabinets that contain home medicine or even liquor cabinets.

Labor Saver:
Not only is this lock flexible in it’s locations, but it is very easy to install. It can take 15 minutes or less to install this lock and you have more time to do other jobs.

Where can I purchase this product?

It’s In-Stock!! Contact your local IDN Branch to place your order.

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