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Securitron M680 Mag Lock with Built-in Camera
Yes, you read that right. Mag Lock with Built-in Camera. Now really, how does that even work? Don’t worry, Securitron thought of it all.

Securitron recently launched a new Mag Lock with many options available. With it’s smart, stylish and secure magnalock, the Securitron M680 Series comes with an integrated video surveillance camera and passive infrared motion detector.

This mag lock looks like a door closer with it’s sleek design. It also means you install one item on the job, not two, if you need a mag lock and camera.



Product Features

  • Bracket mounting provides the easiest install for out-swing doors
  • Innovative install templating for an efforlessly accurate alighnment between magnet and armature plate
  • Sleek, low profile and refined lines for improved aesthetics
  • LED visual locked status with configurable red/green color output
  • BondSTAT lock bond sensor – Patented
  • Integrated door position switch
  • Autosensing dual voltage with microprocessor technology
  • Adjustable automatic relock timer (0 to 30 seconds)
  • Wire chamber anti-tamper switch
  • Instant release circuit – no residual magnetism
  • Efficient, low power usage
  • Size optimized for use with door closers
  • MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement No Fault Warranty
Securitron MagLock Built In Camera

Special Product Features

  • Analog black/white CCTV camera
    > 112 degree view angle
    > 420 TV line resolution
    > 48db S/N ratio
    > 0.1 LUX minimum illumination day/night operation
    > Supports BNC connection
  • Adjustable passive infrared (PIR) exit motion detector
    > Automatically cuts power to the M680 for egress
    > Request to exit (REX) output
    > Easily adjustable beam pattern
    > Adjustable relock timer

Optional Product Features

  • Analog color CCTV camera
    > 112 degree view angle
    > 520 TV line resolution
    > 48db S/N ratio
    > 1.5 LUX minimum illumination day/night operation
    > Supports BNC connection

Specification Data


Maglock Power550mA (±10%) at 12VDC
300mA (±10%) at 24VDC
Camera and PIR Power*225mA (±10%) at 12VDC
90mA (±10%) at 24VDC
*A separate continuous power input is required to power the camera and motion detector

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