Navigating Social Media in the Locksmith Industry – Tips Optimizing Your LinkedIn Locksmith Profile

Continuing our series of navigating social media, and next we’re tackling LinkedIn for locksmiths.

Of all the social media channels, LinkedIn might seem the most intimidating—and rightly so. If Facebook is the backyard BBQ of social media channels, then LinkedIn is more akin to an industry convention.


Here are a few aspects of industry conventions that correlate to how you should apply to LinkedIn:

  • Conventions gather lots of professionals to speak about topics they are knowledgeable or have some insight into. You too can share your insights and knowledge on topics in the form of blogs and updates.
  • Businesses promote products specific to their industry at convention. You can do the same on LinkedIn?
  • #1 reason for going to an industry convention is to inspire someone to use your product, skill or service. LinkedIn is a free service that can assist you in promoting the same for your business.


This list of facts and statistics about LinkedIn may help you to understand the types of users on LinkedIn.

  • 380 million LinkedIn users (as of 7/30/15)
    • 107 million are USA LinkedIn users
    • 40% of users check LinkedIn daily
  • 291 million visits per quarter
  • 50% of unique visitors access LinkedIn via mobile
    • 26% of LinkedIn users access LinkedIn via mobile app
  • Profiles are 11 times more likely to be viewed when they have a profile photo
  • Profiles are 13 times more likely for an increase in views when they have skills listed
  • 17 minutes is the average amount of time users spend monthly on LinkedIn
  • 59% of LinkedIn users have never worked at a company of +200 employees
  • 76% of Canadian social media users access their LinkedIn account monthly

Source: DMR (Formerly Digital Marketing Ramblings)

As we’ve stated before in 4 Reasons Why You Should Open a Google Plus Account, having social media presence positively effects search ranking. The same goes for LinkedIn.


Five tips to consider in setting forth with your locksmith profile on LinkedIn.

1) Don’t think of LinkedIn as a place for people to look for a job

LinkedIn isn’t just a place for people to look for a job or post their resume. If so, why would 41% of all millionaires use it? Use it to present articles you might think your business connections feel are relevant or to present your knowledge about your industry.

2) Fill out your profile…all of it!

Users with profiles that had photos and skills listed were more likely to be viewed. So be sure to fill out your profile to completion.

3) Treat it like a never-ending networking event

Try to use it a base for expanding your contacts. Your state locksmith association president, the administrator on the school district job, and product reps in your area are a few a examples of who you might want to include in your LinkedIn connections.

4) After you, your business

Keep in mind that LinkedIn profiles aren’t just for people. You can create a LinkedIn profile for your business too. Then post in your personal profile that you have a business that you’d like people to follow. Making a business profile on LinkedIn could create a business opportunity that would be otherwise overlooked or missed.

5) Join, engage and contribute to a LinkedIn Group

Writing about your locksmithing specialty or focus can also contribute to business and engagement. Use LinkedIn Groups to present your business’s professional expertise and authority in your industry. Write informing content in your industry and interacting with a community are great ways to promote your brand and bestow your business with proof of expertise.


Write articles for your network.

If you really think you have a lot of experience or insight to share with your community, then consider writing for LinkedIn’s Pulse—the business news community for your network. When your connections share articles about your expertise in the locksmith industry, you position yourself as an expert that can be depended upon.

When you write long-form posts on LinkedIn, your article can also be posted to a connection’s Pulse news feed. In turn, writing can start a boon of opportunity for your locksmith business.

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