An excerpt from Southern Courier

Love locks have taken over the world. They are found in England, Australia, and on the New York City Bridge (although not wanted by authorities).

Locked on Love

Love locks, the modern take on carving love messages on trees, have started appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The trend, that is popular at tourist sites throughout Europe, sees love messages, love hearts and dates engraved on padlocks that are locked to bridges and lamp posts across the globe. The romantic overtones of the love locks, that first appeared in Europe in the 1980s, have been fuelled by Federico Moccia’s novel I want you, which features lovers attaching a lock to a lamp post in Rome.

Love Locks Sydney

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) said the love locks had started appearing on the pedestrian fence on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in recent weeks. But this will be no permanent tourist attraction with the RMS threatening to pull all the locks down due to fact they rust and can cause safety and maintenance issues.

“The locks on the Sydney Harbour Bridge will need to be removed,” a statement released today said.

“RMS understands the emotional attachment people may have to these locks and is currently working on a policy to manage this issue on all bridges.

“RMS encourages people who have left locks on the bridge to remove them before they are taken down.

“Locks will be kept for a short time and can be collected from the South Pylon Security office when open during normal business hours.”

THE RMS has made their opinion on the locks clear but the reaction across NSW has been mixed.

Wollongong Council has removed 400 locks from Mt Keira lookout and ordered them to be cut them down from a bridge at North Wollongong, while the neighbouring Shoalhaven Council wants to build three fences to attract the locks.