Over the years, if there is one thing I have observed, the locksmiths with common sense, a drive to keep learning, great business ethics, and of course a sense of humor, these are the locksmiths who do well. With the comment on humor, this article is for you.

I have seen many of the standard knob locks, push button locks, etc. It’s the same day in, day out type of lock that you have all seen. When you find the unique, the quarky, the funny, those are the designs that set themselves apart from the routine.

There are tons of these types of door hardware out there. Many have been posted here on our blog. Though these are not necessarily in order of “favorites” they do tend to stick in my brain more often:

Fun Lock 1
Fun Lock 2
Fun Lock 3
Fun Lock 4
Fun Lock 5
Fun Lock 6
Clever way of decorating a standard lock and deadbolt:
Fun Lock 7


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