Locksmith Industry Evolves

The locksmith industry is the oldest industry, rope locks were used by the Egyptians. In the 1950’s, for example, the most common locks used were mechanical locks with key blanks (cylindrical locks, mortise locks) and many of you, your father, or grandfather sold & cut many key blanks back then.

Egyptian Lock

Mechanical locks haven’t changed much since their beginnings in 600 B.C. Egypt

The evolution of locksmithing has led to some rather innovative developments in the past 60 years. Lately, the topic of locks has become more than just key blanks. It’s locks with electronic access control designed to lock or unlock a door using PIN, Prox, Fob, Wristband, Key Card, Smartphone, and even a computer.

ACS-LPP - Low Powered Prox Access Control System by RCIAccess Control

At IDN, we carry various styles, finishes, designs, and more for various types of Electronic Access Control solutions.

For the education market, locks for classrooms, entry, perimeter, and global lockdown during emergency situations.

For the healthcare market, latches for patient rooms, mag locks for fire prevention, access code with audit trail for nurses stations, and more.

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