An excerpt from The National Locksmith, March 2013 edition, written by Marc Goldberg

The Secret Way Some Companies Use to Make Their Own Headlines

One of the pesky problems in locksmithing has long been the fact that locksmiths rarely make the news unless they’ve been injured on the job or as part of reporting on yet another scam. Mind you, once in a while a locksmith saves a small child who has inadvertently locked himself into a hundred year old safe at the county clerk’s office. But sadly, that’s all too rare.

Locksmiths Can Do a Lot of Things

However, I have noticed that smart locksmiths can make their own news, especially as reported on Yahoo, but also to a certain extent on Google. The advantage of making news is that you get to shape the message. Finally, instead of our industry being associated with stealing candy from babies and pushing the elderly into traffic, we can craft a healthier message. This will take a bit of effort, but it well worth the small amount of work it will take to net your business more notice.

What you do is register at a few of the free online press service websites. These include:,, and There are other sites too, but these will get you started. Get your free account, then upload “news releases” that you have written about your company and your activities. The search engines will pick up these releases as they spider the PR sites, which they do regularly. The sites also promote their releases to the search engines. So make sure that you include a link to your company’s web site as well as your phone and contact information. People will be reading!

The pesky part is that first you need a few ideas to get started with. Second, and importantly, you must understand how to write a press release… or learn where you can get someone to write it for you. Press releases have a certain format to them.

Let me give you a few concepts you can apply when thinking of ideas to write about. Have you hired a new employee? Press release! Have you added a new vehicle… a cool new key machine that gives you new functionality… have you expanded or moved your shop? Press release! Nearly any change or addition you have made can be the topic for a brief release which will promote your business and help you with the search engines so more people find you. Also, be sure that you mention all the towns and locations you serve.

Here is a link to details on how to write your own press release with the correct format: Wiki

Essentially, the steps consist of writing the headline.  Write the body copy using the 5 w’s: who, what, when, where and why. Include information about your company and what you do, and contact information.

If you can’t imagine writing your own press releases, contact your local community college. The English department might like to use you as a project. Or Google search for “press release writing service.” You can have them written for you for s little as $25.

Give a little thought to writing these mini news articles and submitting them for free to appropriate web sites. All of a sudden, you’re making your own news. And that can be good news for your bottom line.