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Is there a long range prox system that I can use for indoor facilities?

Most manufacturers of access control offer long range readers. A long range reader defines the reader unit can read the credential from 20″ away, up to 36″ away, without forcing the credential to touch to prox. If this is what you are seeking, a variety of manufacturers are available including SecuraKey, HID, Keri Systems, Cansec, and Rosslare, among others. The extended range will depend on the material the reader is mounted (concrete, metal, etc.), and also the type of credential being used. The maximum distance would be attained by using the molded or clamshell card, followed by ISO cards, and lastly fobs, in this order, based on the antenna size. These solutions are passive, but there are “active” tags that require a battery so it can broadcast a signal. These are costly and bulky, often used as a tollway function in cars by the state. Contact us for a more accurate quote and to help choose the right option for the opening.

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