Owning a locksmith shop is a lot of responsibility. Inventory, overhead costs, technician costs, truck/van maintenance, etc. Of course, all of this is useless if you don’t have any customers. When you have a customer, turning them in to a loyal customer is often the tricky part.

Customer Service for Small Business Owners

Here’s some helpful tips:

It’s as simple as that: Greet your customer when they walk in the door. Ever walk in to a Moe’s Mexican Restaurant? They greet every single person with “Welcome to Moe’s!”, and it was discussed on an episode of Undercover Boss too. If you are in the middle of helping another customer, still say hello and let them know you will be with them in one moment. A smile with a Hello goes a long way too!

Knowing not only the products you stock, but the odd and weird products too. When you can speak to a customer about a product with knowledge and proven experience, you are seen as an authority on the subject. If you have employee turnover, keep the new hire informed and let their brain be a sponge for knowledge to soak up.

Keeping inventory on your shelves that you want to sell, not just items that are available at a big box store, is important. You are the expert, stock inventory that sets you apart from a big box store. Why does someone walk in to an Automotive Store? Usually because they are looking for a product not available at a local big box store. The Automotive Store stocks a variety of products unique to the industry. The Locksmith Industry is the same in that manor.

ProfessionalismSure, you probably have a goofy and fun side, who doesn’t. When you have a very loyal customer, it’s okay to be goofy and fun, they already trust you. If you have a brand new customer walk in, it’s better to bring out the professionalism. Try to bring your level of knowledge down to an A-B-C level. You may know all the technical ins and outs of every lock out there, but to your average customer, “that lock on the door” is about all they know (or worse, “That thing on my door” is all you get as information).

Hours of Operation
Not knowing when a store is open or closed is very irritating as a consumer. I’ve gone to stores and driven by the front door slow to check what time they open. When it’s not posted, I don’t shop there. Post your hours, and stick to them.   Consistency is critical, it builds trust that the customer can rely on your doors open when you say you will be open.


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