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LSDA EHS/HS Fire Resistant Safes are essential in protecting wills, deeds, tax records, and other important papers in every home. LSDA safes meet accepted fire protection standards for paper, they are not suitable for keeping electronic media.


Standard Features:

Fire Rating: J.I.S. Fire Rated, 1-hour; U.L. Fire Rated, 1-hour (HS2013 and EHS2013 is J.I.S. Fire Rated 1-hour, U.L. Fire Rated 1-hour, and 90-minute Fire Rated SP)
Interior: One plastic tray (HS139, HS913, EHS139, ESH913); One plastic tray and one adjustable shelf (HS1512, EHS1512); One plastic tray and two adjustable shelves (HS2013, EHS2013)
  • EHS Models: Electronic Combination Lock, battery powered using 4 AA batteries (supplied) with key lock; Low battery warning; Penalty delay feature
  • HS Models: Mechanical Combination Locks are hand changeable (except HS1812D, which is equipped with a key change lock)
Mounting: Capped bolt down hole
Style: Fire safe
Weight: 88 lbs (EHS139, EHS913, HS913), 139 lbs (EHS1512, HS1512), 280 lbs (EHS2013, HS2013)
Dimensions, Inside:
  • EHS913/HS913: 9-5/16″ H x 13-3/16″ W x 9-7/8″ D
  • EHS139: 13-15/16″ H x 9-3/16″ W x 10-3/8″ D
  • EHS1512/HS1512: 15-1/16″ H x 12-7/16″ W x 3-3/16″ D
  • EHS2013/HS2013: 20-1/4″ H x 13-5/8″ W x 13-3/16″ D
Dimensions, Outside:
  • EHS913/HS913: 13-1/2″ H x 17″ W x 14-5/8″ D
  • EHS139: 17-9/16″ H x 13″ W x 14-5/8″ D
  • EHS1512/HS1512: 19-15/16″ H x 16-11/16″ W x 7-7/8″ D
  • EHS2013/HS2013: 28-1/8″ H x 19-1/2″ H x 20-1/8″ D

Note: Safes are only stocked at select IDN branches.

To place your order for an LSDA EHS/HS Safes or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch, or feel free to fill out our IDN Experts Follow-up form below.

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