The LSDA PD9200 Series Exit Devices are made for heavy-duty usage on high-traffic areas on interior or exterior doors. The ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified LSDA PD9200 Series comes in a variety of configurations to meet a variety of building code requirements. Select the PD9200 for a UL Listed device or a PDF9200 for a Fire Rated UL Listed device.

The versatile PD9200 Series Exit Device is available as a rim exit device (PD9200R), vertical rod exit device (PD9200V), rim fire rated exit device (PDF9200R), and vertical rod fire rated exit device (PDF9200V). In addition, the PD9200 is  also available as an electrified version (PD9200EL), available as a rim (PD9200R EL) or vertical rod (PD9200V EL). Applications for the LSDA PD9200/PD9200EL include doors that receive heavy-abuse and traffic such as Industrial, Multi-Family Housing, Property Management and School and Universities.


Features / Specifications

  • PD9200/PD9200 (EL): ANSI/BHMA A 156.3 2008 Grade 1, UL listed
  • PDF9200: ANSI/BHMA A156.3 2008 Grade 1, UL10C fire-rated exit hardware, UL305 and UBC7-2
  • Rim: Deadlocking latch, stainless steel 3/4” throw
  • Vertical Rod: Top latch is stainless steel 5/8” throw, deadlocking pullman type; Bottom latch is panic-rated stainless steel 5/8” throw, deadlocking pullman type. Fire-rated version has round slide bolt. Easy latch adjustment for vertical rods.
  • PD9200R / PD9200V: 36″ (33″ actual length; can be cut back to 27″ from head cover to end cap) or 48″ (45″ actual length; can be cut back to 33″ from head cover to end cap)
  • PD9200R EL / PD9200V EL: 36″ (30-1/2” actual length; can be cut back to 26-1/2” from head cover to end cap) or 48″ (36-1/2” actual length; can be cut back to 32-1/2” from head cover to end cap)
Handing: Non-Handed
Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Extruded Aluminum
  • For Rim, surface applied (double door strike available)
  • For Vertical Rod Strikes, surface applied top, mortise required for bottom strike
Door Types: Commercial wood and hollow metal
Door Prep: Surface application, plus trim prep; Door height for Vertical Rod is standard 7’0″ with optional top rod set for 8’0″ and extensions available for up to 10’0″. Top and bottom rods have vertical adjusters in the center case.
Dogging: Standard dogging by key provided or 5/32” hex wrench; Cylinder dogging option available; Fire-Rated Devices cannot be dogged per the Fire Code.
Door Thickness: 1-3/4” — 2-1/4
Stile Width: Minimum 2-7/8
Projection: 3-13/16
Keying: Outside trims use conventional mortise or rim cylinders (Electrified version double-cylinder exit devices use one mortise and one rim cylinder)
Electrified Voltage: 24V DC, 16 Amp in-rush current (0.3 seconds), <1.0 Amp maintained, Solenoid Continuous 0.25 Amp
Electrified Fail Safe / Fail Secure: Fail Secure


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