Marketing advice comes in all varieties, both good and bad. A lot of the problems with any type of advice is it sometimes doesn’t actually apply to you or your business. Bold innovations like Apple are usually left for the large companies, not the small businesses. Many businesses, especially smaller businesses, are low-key and can be boring at times.

Marketing Your Locksmith Business With Great Business Cards

Boring doesn’t mean you can’t be innovative though. Here’s some ideas to help alleviate the boring thoughts:

1) Define what is exciting in your business
This industry is ever changing, and over the course of the last 15 years, it is changing at a fast pace. Think of a backstory, a fact, a nugget of information that is appealing. Retain this information and you are no longer boring to anyone not in this industry. Things in this industry affect all walks of life from a commercial building to a homeowner.

2) Tell a Great Story
Ever go to a comedy club and the comedian is suppose to be making you laugh but instead you are falling asleep? It’s the same with your business, the difference between an exiting one and a boring one is the ability to tell a great story. People love stories, especially in the locksmith industry, because a great story in the locksmith industry makes the customer the center of the story and the hero in the story all at the same time. Your customer needs to connect to the story and their struggle with security or the product at hand.

3) Use a Clever Advertising Strategy
Crazy can be fun and crazy can be a key differentiator. If your shop or your business isn’t cutting edge or doesn’t naturally stick out of the crowd, it’s your job to be different and get attention. Don’t confuse crazy with stupid though. The Locksmith Industry has gotten a bad reputation lately with the scammers, but you do need to stand out so your future customers and your current customers trust you to bring in repeat business.

4) Do Interesting Things
A YouTube Video about you, the company, or the industry is a start. And not just any video, but one that is inspiring, moving, concise, and directed at a specific audience is key. You rekeyed a house after someone moved? Send them a postcard in a year to say thank you for their business and offer a discount on a future lock out call.

5) Be Honest
This industry you need your customers to trust you and your work. Don’t pretend to be something amazing and revolutionary if you are not. Don’t create a buzzword associated with your business if your own employees have no idea what it means. Take a look instead at your business. What do you do? What do you specialize in? Now,  tell people what you do in an honest and compelling way.

6) Show the World a Life Without Your Business
Running Water, Electricity, Safe food – all of this is critical and yet, if it were gone, no one would take it for granted. This industry is helping the vulnerable when locked out, or helping secure a home after a break-in. Show the world what it would be like without the locksmith industry, and in turn you will be appreciative for what you offer and what you do.

7) Rethink Your Business Model
Give back to the community or to a child in need. For every re-key, or every key cut, or every job completed – you will donate something. Or, start a new form of Locksmithing such as Access Control.

8) Don’t Try to Please Everyone
Trying to go viral on the internet is not the way to go. You need to define who your target audience is, not doing a blanket approach. Even if you posted a video and it went viral, that doesn’t mean you have a high ROI from those who viewed the video.  Marketing a locksmith shop should still have the key strategic objective of selling products and your services.

9) Build the Marketing Into the Product
Best form of marketing is word of mouth. It’s also the worst! Offer a referral program to your customers, or offer a hole punch repeat customer program. Either way, getting the word out through each job you do is the best marketing available, and usually the cheapest.

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.