Every feel like there are not enough hours in a day? 

If you own a locksmith business, you could get a call for a job any second, sometimes twice in two seconds. Your phone, your walk in traffic, your emails: They seem to explode all at once. In all of this, you are suppose to order product, stock your shelves, run payroll, balance your books, and more.

With all your time gone, how do you expect to think about Marketing your business?

Marketing Your Locksmith Business With Great Business Cards

Here’s the secret: You do it every single day already!

You pick up your phone and immediately set your tone to your customer.

If you are pleasant, if you go above and beyond, they remember you. Guess what? You just marketed your business to five other people. Word of mouth marketing is the best free marketing out there!

Social Media
Social Media is huge, even if you are not actively involved with it. There’s a reason Facebook is hovering, if not already, acquired 1 billion users. Read that again: 1 billion users! Friends of friends of friends are spreading the word! Everyday people post questions on Facebook and friends will respond. “Anyone know of a good locksmith in the area” will bring better trusted results than you realize.

Marketing Viral

Branded Items
What about branded items with your company name and logo on it?

 Marketing Promo Items

There is good branding and there is bad branding. (It’s the same with a good technician and a bad technician.)

Some branded items can be costly, but the end result can be worth it.If you wrap your truck/van with your information, it’s a hefty up front cost, but if done correct it speaks volumes of the quality and trusting work you can do for the customer. A cheaper option is if you open a car for a locked out customer, ask them to store your number in their telephone, and take it one step further and write your number on the oil change reminder they have in their car window. Two reminders and both are free!

Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.

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