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The Marks USA M9900 Exit Device is sturdily made to withstand high-impact abuse and last when there is an extreme amount of punishment. The M9900 Exit Device is made for usage in facilities that see high-traffic usage such as in schools, hospitals and commercial & office buildings.

The M9900 Exit Device is an ANSI/BHMA certified Grade 1 application with UL listing for use as panic-rated and/or 3-hour, fire-rated hardware and can be accommodated with a variety of trims options. The M9900 is also available as a surface mounted vertical rod rim exit device and can accommodate trims with a lever, mortise lock or rim panic vandal pull with/without cylinder hole.

Marks USA M9900


Doors: 1-3/4″ thick standard
End Cover: Flush-mounted, beveled Panic Protector™ design
Strike: Roller strike
Rail Assembly: Extruded Aluminum, 32D finsih
Dead latch Bolt: Stainless Steel 3/4″ throw
Dead latch Bolt: Stainless Steel 5/8″ throw
Dogging Feature: Allen Key (M9900)
UL Listed: For “Panic Hardware” and 3 Hour Fire Rating
ANSI: ANSI 156.3 (2001), requirements for Grade 1


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