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Question: Customers have been coming in to my shop with a Master Lock key blank with the number 900 stamped on it. Are key blanks available?
Answer: Master Lock uses the K900 keyway as the default keyway for the industrial versions of the Pro Series Padlocks that are some in the various home centers. The K900 keyway is the same as the Master K15 keyway that they have used for many years. The difference is in the key blank. The K900 blank is longer over and has a larger head than the K15 key blank. This makes the K900 key blank an option for people with arthritis who have trouble with the smaller key blanks. The important thing is that the blades of both key blanks, from the shoulder to the tip, are the same length. We stock both the original 900K and Ilco 1092-900 in the IDN Network.Contact your local IDN-Branch for details.

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