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The Master Lock 1652 Series built-in combination lock promises not only a reliable security option for single point latch lockers, but a button-less combination changing process to streamline re-working large numbers of school or university lockers. The Master Lock® Built-In Combination Lock (1652 Series) is a school security solution that saves with maintenance time and resources.


  • Designed for standard single point horizontal latch lockers with hinges on the right
  • Patent Pending button-less combination change process for easier, faster combination changes
  • Longer useful life with 5 different pre-set combinations
  • Octagonal, stylish dial with larger dial numbers and easy grip (black, plastic dials only)
  • Springbolt action for convenient, automatic locking
  • Secure, easy to dial 3-digit combination
  • End user registration and control charts provided to secure and simplify administration
  • Customize with optional color metal dials. Choose from Red, Blue, Green, Purple or Black. See catalog for details. (Metal and color dials feature the non-slip dial)
  • Use Model 1656MKADA for ADA applications
  • Extension kit available for doors with a thickness of 11⁄16” to 3 ⁄4”

Master Lock® 1652Master Lock® 1652 Dimensions

Description Control Key, Retail Boxed Packaging
Body Width 1-7/8″ (~47mm)
Height 2-7/8″ (~73mm)
Width 2″ (~51mm)
Depth 15/16″ (~24mm)

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Master Lock® 1652 Built-In Combination Lock Features

Master Lock® 1652 Built-In Combination Lock

Read more about the Master Lock® Model No. 1652 Built-In Combination Lock in our Industrial Facilities and School and University sections. To place an order for a Master Lock® Model No. 1652 Built-In Combination Lock  or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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