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Securing lockers in a facility for high customer turnover doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. The Model No. 3630 & 3631 Master Lock Multi-User Mechanical Built-In Lock is an ideal security solution for the scenario where you want to allow individuals to secure their items with each use. This lock works to secure a variety of locker types. The Master Lock Model No. 3630 & 3631 is a security solution for athletic clubs and schools or universities that rids your facility of managing keys, combinations or locks.


  • Ability to set a temporary 3-digit combination
  • System charting deemed unnecessary
  • Designed for Lift Handle (Left-hinged) & Lift Handle (Right-hinged)
  • Manual spring locking or manual deadbolt locking
  • Durable zinc housing
  • 1,000 combinations for security
  • Control key for supervisory access
    • Specify key to match existing system or factory assigned
  • Extension kit available for use on wooden doors with a thickness of 11/16in to 3/4in

Master Lock 3600 Series

Master Lock 3600 Series Dimensions

Description Control Key, Commercial Boxed Packaging
Body Width 2-3/8″ (60mm)
Height n/a
Width 2-3/8″ (60mm)
Depth n/a

Master Lock® 3630 & 3631 Multi-User Mechanical Built-In Lock for Lift Handle Lockers PDF

Multi-User Supervisory Override Key Instructions

Multi-User Operating Instructions

Read more about school security solutions in our Lockers Security Section. To place an order for a Master Lock® Model No. 3630 & 3631 Mechanical Lock for Lift Handle Lockers or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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