Kaba Access and Data Systems America now offers a few models of Pushbutton Locks which have been certified/approved as compliant to the Florida Building Code (FBC) standards for installation in Hurricane Regions.



The models include:

  • E2067 Series Battery Powered Mortise with Deadbolt
  • E206A Series Battery Powered Mortise with Auto-Deadbolt
  • P2067 Series Self-Powered Mortise with Deadbolt
  • P206A Series Self-Powered Mortise with Auto-Deadbolt.

These models are certified for use in the highest level High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) areas, which include Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in Florida.

The State of Florida is recognized as having the most stringent requirements for impact resistance, wind resistance and water intrusion in hurricane prone regions as represented by the HVHZ level above.  Although not recognized as the standard in other coastal states, this FBC standard will assure that the Kaba locks listed above will meet or exceed the standards in all other Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast states where this level of protection is desired.

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