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I recently ordered a custom hollow metal door.  When I attempted  to install it into the frame, which was an existing frame, I discovered that I had mismeasured hinge locations when placing the order.  Is there anything that I can do to get this door hung without having to order a brand new door?


Good question.  What we are going to need to know is how far off the hinges are.  (i.e. What is the difference in measurement from where the hinge locations are on the frame to the door.)  If the hinges are off by an 1/8”, we have a drop hinge in stock designed to solve this issue.  You could also install the door using a continuous hinge.  That would cover any incorrect hinge locations that are on the door and cover any gap that would be showing on the frame.  If the hinge is off by more than 1/8”, give us a call & we will be happy to help you find a solution to this problem.


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