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The MMF Maximum Security Key Cabinets are heavy-gauge steel constructed and designed to be accessed via a dual-users control for maximum key management security. Each can hold up to 88 keys and comes with one of three locking options: Advanced Self-Powered Lock, Dual Control Electronic Combination Locks, or Dual Control with Keyed Deadbolts.

Applications for the MMF Maximum Security Key Cabinets include car dealerships and any business with a large fleet of vehicular assets to manage as found in large construction sites and on Industrial Facilities.

MMF Maximum Security Key Cabinets


  • 88-key capacity
  • Steel retention lip and concealed, full-length, wide knuckle piano hinge provides extra protection against tampering
  • Door closes into cabinet body and locks flush to reinforced edge for additional pry deterrence
  • Dedicated space inside cabinet offers storage for two rows of key envelopes
  • Internal mounting system prevents removal from wall unless unlocked

To place an order for the MMF Maximum Security Key Cabinets or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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