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We’re looking for a mobile-enabled video intercom solution for a school. For one of the door units for the master station, the school would like to use the staff’s cell phone as they are not always at their desk. What solutions do you offer?



There are several solutions, our most popular mobile-enabled video intercom is the Alpha VK237 Intercom Kit. It is expandable for up to 2 doors and 3 inside stations. They feature a 7″ screen, but what makes this system unique is the option to add a “Door Linq”. This replaces one of the monitor spots. The Door Linq can relay from up to 2 door stations to any preprogrammed smartphone. An app is available to download. When the doorbell is activated, the call will be sent to the inside stations as well as the cell phones. First to answer has control and can talk to a guest, see the guest and release the door from the Master Station or the app on their cell phone.

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