Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #7)

We love looking at old doors and old keys, and even love finding new ways to use them. Unique objects are the best though! Thanks to Pinterest, we have some unique ideas below:

Add some shelves to your old door and you have a new way of showcasing your items

Old Doors 29

Cut a door down, add a small shelf and a towel rod. You have a beautiful way to hang towels in your bathroom.

Old Doors 30

Who says doors have to be placed vertical? Turn that door into a table!

Old Doors 31

What are you doing with those old keys? Turn it into art!

Old Keys 20

Paint the door and cut down some legs. You have a creative new coffee table. Bonus points for keeping the door knob on it!

Old Doors 33

 Add some creative art to your home and use door knobs as curtain rods!

Old Doors 32 

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