Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #1)

In the locksmith business, many new products come out each year, but one thing always remains consistent: Keys & Padlocks have been around for ages!

Many locksmith shops will showcase old antique keys and padlocks. Some locksmith’s are very creative to organize the product in an interesting way. Other locksmiths, well, let’s just say they could use some help.

Look around your shop? Have any wall space, above a desk or in your showroom? Have an old key you find interesting, or one that has special memories? Frame it!

Go to your local craft store and buy a shadow box. Wire the key and voila, you have framed art! Leave it exposed or put it in a shadow box, either works. No wall space? Put it behind your counter in a glass case. Just make sure you organize it so it doesn’t look like junk to the customer. Make it interesting so it’s a conversation piece.

Old Keys 3
Old Keys 36
Old Keys 42
Old Keys 40
Old Keys 38
Old Keys 37

Old Keys 39

Old Keys 41