Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #5)

DIY brings light to locksmith items and you don’t even need to be in this industry to have a love and appreciation to locks and keys. Just look at the jeweler Tiffany’s, they brought out an entire line of padlocks and keys!

We love looking at old doors and old keys, and even love finding new ways to use them. Unique objects are the best though! Thanks to Pinterest, we have some unique ideas below:

Frame the original keys from your first home, first car, etc.

Old Keys 26

Go to Europe and join in the Locks of Love!

Old Keys 27

Is your dog making too much noise with their tags? Easy, buy the Lucky Line Key Caps and put them on the tags. All is quiet again!

Old Keys 28

A little glue, a little crystal & pearl, and you have a new custom made piece of jewelry

Old Keys 29

Take thousands of doors and wrap a building!

Old Doors 36


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