Old Doors, New Uses (Edition #4)

We love looking at old doors and old keys, and even love finding new ways to use them. Unique objects are the best though! Thanks to Pinterest, we have some unique ideas below:

Turn an old door into an entrance display to hold your keys, coats, and more

Old Doors 37

Spruce up your front porch and use an old door to turn the door into a swing.

Old Doors 38

Want some creative decoration in your yard? Add some hinges and you have a new place to relax.

Old Doors 39

A unique way to exit out of your home, though may not be the greatest in case of a fire. Check out thinkgeek.com for more details.

Old Doors 40

Spray painted old skeleton keys can make for a very unique piece of jewelry

Old Keys 30

Add a mirror and you have another great entrance piece of furniture

Old Doors 41


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