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Marketing Your Locksmith Business With Great Business Cards

Question: I am trying to print new business cards. I had someone make me a website for my locksmith business and when I suggested to the printer to grab the logo from the website, they said they can’t do this. Why?
Answer: In graphics, there are files for web (set as RGB) and files for print (set as CMYK). For web, files are compressed to a small size and often fuzzy. For print, the files are large, crisp, and high resolution. If a high resolution file was used for your website, the website would load very slow. You can’t mix web and print images due to a variety of reasons. I suggest getting in touch with the person or company who created your logo and ask them for a vector file. You won’t be able to open this file, but you can have it for future print jobs. It’s best to request the vector to be zipped so it’s compatible from one computer to the next.

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