Introducing the EN400 Series by Trine

Ever been on the job and in need of an outdoor rated electric strike? Look no further! Trine has come out with Fire and Water rated electric strike – perfect for the outdoors.


Simplicity – En Series strikes contain only 8 total parts, with 1 moving piece in the locking mechanism.

Durability – BHMA grade 1 strike , 2,000+ lbs UL Tested, 1,000,000+ cycles.  

Versitility – The ONLY UL® Outdoor rated strike on the market, UL® Listed 10C Fire Rated.
The solution for gates and all outdoor applications

Trine Outdoor Strike

For all new installations with Mortise or Cylindrical locks, or locks with a centerline bolt in a 4 7/8″ ANSI prep, use the EN400. For 1″ Offset mortise, or cylindrical, locks (often with the dead latching trigger on top of the bolt) use the EN430, . For 3/4″ Offset mortise, or cylindrical, locks (often with the dead latching trigger below the bolt) use the EN435

For surface mounted rim exist devices, especially with gates or outdoor situations, use the EN800 (3/4″ thick faceplate) or EN850 (1/2″ thick faceplate). Not fire rated.

For Folger Adams 310-2 Cutout use EN950. For Folger Adams 310-2 3/4″ Cutout use EN960. Both are also great for covering the holes in frames from other strikes.

Don’t forget to check out the EN400RP:

EN400RP Features:
  • Perfect for exterior doors and gates. Use the EN400RP with Item # EN400-GATEBOX and securely mount the strike anywhere on the frame.
  • Superior Strength — 2,000+ lbs UL® tested.
  • Superior Life — Durability of 1,000,000+ life cycles
  • Superior Application – Especially good for gates.
  • Fail secure/Fail safe field reversible on DC units.
  • Grade 1 Strike — Contains a one piece locking mechanism with one Solenoid — less parts mean less problems.
  • Left and Right handing is field reversible.
  • Your go anywhere strike!
EN400RP Specifications:
  • UL® Listed 1034 – Indoor/Outdoor Burglary Resistant — UL Rating Pending
  • BHMA 156.31 2001, Grade 1
  • NYC MEA 79-01-E

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Kathleen Kempf is the Marketing Manager at IDN-H. Hoffman.