The Paxton Architectural Reader is a proximity reader manufactured using high quality materials and has 3 high intensity LEDs. The Paxton Architectural Reader is made for compatibility with Switch2 Net2 systems. Architectural Readers can be enabled for use with HID™ 125kHz Proximity tokens (when licensed with an activation card) and Wiegand output (via a separate card activation).

Applications for the Paxton Architectural Reader include access control in Hospitals, commercial Property Management or Schools and Universities.

Paxton Architectural Reader






Operating voltage 10 12 14 V DC
Current consumption 150 mA
Carrier frequency 125 kHz
Clock & data bit period 600 µs
System Specification
Cable length 5 M
Cable type for extensions Beldon 9540
Maximum cable extension length 100 m
Read range: Keyfob 25 mm
Read range: Token/ISO card 40 mm
Read range: Watchprox 15 mm
Read range: Net2Air token 400 mm
Various natural material inserts available Yes
Net2Air compatible Yes
Operating temperature -20 55 °C
Moisture resistance IPX7
Vandal resistance Medium
Width 70 mm
Height 110 mm
Depth 35 mm

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