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We have an access control project in which the integrator is installing a PoE controller system and wants us to install the hardware. I’m looking for 1200 lb mags on a single door with motion detector based REX units. All this is to be powered by the 0.6 Amps at each door. What can we furnish?


Most mags need separate power supplies to operate with PoE. The Securitron M62 only draws .25 A (250mA) at 12V DC, and the BEA R2E-100 active infrared sensor draws .2 A (200mA) with the sounder maximized. You did not mention this, but you will probably need to power your reader as well. HID’s ProxPoint Plus draws .75 A (75mA peak). Result adds up to less than your .6 amps available.

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