The Pro-Lok Blue Punch is a mechanical key machine that offer professional key cutters, locksmiths, property managers, and hardware store operations the ability to cut accurate factory-quality keys without the requirement of electricity. The adaptable Blue Punch is hand-operated for simplicity and portable for on- or offsite usage. Each machine is set up to provide automatic spacing and depth for specific key types and even several variations of key types among individual lockset manufacturers.

Pro-Lok Blue Punch

Check out Pro-Lok’s extensive selection of machines for the following lockset manufacturers and key types:

  • Arrow Flex Core
  • Corbin System 70
  • Dexter/Master
  • Falcon Weiser
  • Hager
  • I/Core A2
  • I/Core A3
  • I/Core A4
  • InstaKey
  • Kwikset
  • Marshall Best
  • Medeco 07 Degree
  • Medeco 14 Degree
  • Schlage

To place an order for a Pro-Lok Blue Punch or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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