Whether you want to prep a just a single door for installation, multiple doors for a large job, or you’re in the market for a time-saving door installation tool that can ensure accurate alignment and reduce door damage in the process, the PRO-LOK INCL-PRO: Professional Series Universal Clamp is an ideal additional to any locksmith’s toolbox.

Heart to the modular PRO-LOK® IN-Series Installation Template system—the PRO-LOK INCL-PRO: Professional Series Universal Clamp is designed for a quick and accurate door prep. The PRO-LOK INCL-PRO works with the complete IN-PRO Series system of door templates for a full-contact installation that results in reduced errors, misalignments and time spent installing.

PRO-LOK INCL-PRO - Professional Series Universal Clamp


  • Holds inside and outside templates in full-contact to doors to maximize accuracy in installations and reduce installation errors
  • Uses true-sized holes to ensure accuracy of the prep and eliminate guessing
  • Easily used on 1-3/4″ wood or metal doors with a 2-3/4″ backset
  • Can be adjusted with adapter accessories for additional sized doors
  • Aircraft grade, heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Three sure-grip knobs


Weight 4.2 lbs

PRO-LOK INCL-PRO: Professional Series Universal Clamp

To place an order for a PRO-LOK INCL-PRO: Professional Series Universal Clamp or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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