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Yale Releases New Cylinderless Deadbolt Lock 

While locks don’t normally grace these pages, Yale has added a new product to its Real Living line that should get home automation fans excited. The newest addition is a cylinderless deadbolt lock, which removes the ability to use a physical key with its intentional lack of a cylinder. By removing the cylinder, Yale has removed the most vulnerable part of the lock — the part vulnerable to lock picking and “bumping.” Yale is currently the only lock maker offering a cylinderless model.

In lieu of a key, the user enters a pass code via a durable, acrylic touchscreen that is easy-to-use and very clean looking. Unlike other intelligent locks available on the market, the Yale Real Living locks, which support both Z-Wave and ZigBee, were designed with the digital home in mind.

Yale Cylinderless Deadbolt

Regardless of the security system employed, users will have access to a high degree of functionality, including the ability to lock and unlock doors from web-enabled devices or create customized entry scenes for family members, neighbors and guests. Yale locks have a modular design, allowing them to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of security and home control systems.

The concept has already been well-received by home automation installers. With no physical lock to worry about, and no keys to be made, deployment of these locks will be much faster and easier than previous locks. By introducing an electronic deadbolt with no key override and a capacitive touch pad interface, key management is eliminated and installation is simplified. And we all know that time = money when it comes to time spent on the job site.