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How and why would you recommend using a Medeco key system?



Depending on the amount of restriction or control you need, Medeco has several options to choose from. Medeco offers systems and keyways which are geographically exclusive. Only a specific Locksmith Dealer or supplier will be able to make and sell key copies, depending on which system is chosen. An added layer of security is that a unique card matched to the original key blanks must be presented before any copies can be made. Not only do Medeco pins need to be elevated by the key cuts to make the correct shear-line, but they need to be rotated as well. Contemporary Medeco keys have angled cuts, fore, center, and aft, that must be correct for the key to operate the cylinder. Medeco cylinders are manufactured utilizing stainless steel, hardened anti-drill pins, and sliders to maintain the integrity of the lock. This is a broad overview of why I would recommend a Medeco Key System.

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