All-in-One Fire Rated Electric Strike

This unique, “all-in-one”, fire-rated electric strike combines strength, (1500 lbs holding force), endurance, (1.5 million cycles) and convenience, (everything you need is in the box).
Choosing an electric strike for a mortise lock can be very challenging, with the wide variety of locks available with different latch locations. What makes this strike unique is the “Saw-tooth Adjustment Locator” design that allows the installer to slide the deadbolt keeper and deadlatch ramp vertically to choose the precise position for the lock. There’s no need to determine which lock is being used, or order special faceplates. Everything you need is in the box. Distributors and Installers can carry fewer SKU’s – because the F2164 does it all. It even accommodates a 1″ deadbolt for night-latch function!
RCI All-in-One Electric Strike F2164
Installation doesn’t get any easier.The unique patent pending “Sliding Shim” design moves vertically on the keeper to align with any latch location, allowing up to 1/8″ horizontal adjust­ment on warped or misaligned doors. We’ve also included a faceplate for centerline latch entry, a trim plate for messy frame cuts, a “hands-free” adhesive template – and all the drivers you need to install the strike.
Other Standard features of the F2 Strike include; field selectable voltage, (12 or 24VAC/DC), low current draw (only .19 Amps @ 24VDC), plug-in wire connectors and anti-tamper pry-guard. It’s non-handed and the “Cool Keeper” solenoid design means the strike doesn’t heat up!

If latch monitoring is an after thought, the optional patent pending “plug-in” Latch Monitor Switch can be purchased separately. No need to replace the strike… just plug in the F2LM!

The F2164 is UL Listed – 1034 Burglary Resistant and UL Listed – 10C (3-hour) Fire Rated, (fail locked only). This strike delivers on strength, versatility, durability and design innovation.

Watch the YouTube Video, taken in Las Vegas

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