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I’m looking for remote access release options to a magnetic lock or door strike on the front door of a daycare center. Any ideas?



The LSDA wireless receiver kit is a great product for your application.  The kit provides ease of use for remote release on your electronic lock along with the required functions to work with most applications. The kit comes with a receiver that has two single pole double throw contacts with an output rating of 3amps at 30 volts.  No need for an extra timing relay because these contacts are time adjustable from 0.5 to 9 seconds.  The contacts can also be set to toggle mode, push the button once it’s on push it again it’s off.  The kit comes with 2 wireless remotes that can work over 100 feet away with clear line of site. The remotes have a sliding button cover to prevent accidental activation.  All you will need to get started is a WR Kit and a 12 volt power supply.


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