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I have a box of ESP S1 key blanks that were stamped wrong, and are the reverse of an S1 key blank.  I cross referenced it to the Ilco 1009.  Is there a blank that is the reverse of the Ilco 1009?  I don’t want to spend the time with returning these blanks.



Once in millions of keys a manufacturer will change over their machines from one blank to another, and you get mislabeled key blanks.  All manufacturers have done it and will do it.  When you think of the billions of blanks they manufacture throughout the world, there are very few with errors.  The quality control is amazing.

But, in answer to your question, the reverse blanks are the Ilco 1010U and O1010.  These blanks are also a substitute for the Wilson-Bohannon blanks marked with a “WR”.


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