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The Rixson Heavy-Duty Floor Closer is an ideal concealed door closer for mechanically closing doors of unusual size and weight. Lead-lined doors, herculite glass doors and extremely heavy doors in high-traffic areas are no problem for Rixson Heavy Weight Floor Closers as they are designed to use gravity to their advantage.

Applications for the Rixson Heavy Weight Floor Closer include high-traffic commercial entrances, interior office corridor and industrial facility doors.

Rixson Heavy-Duty Floor Closer


  • The weight of the door is supported by bottom arm and floor
  • Heavy-duty, hardened, one piece steel spindles
  • Bottom arm attached directly to closer spindle
  • Helical torsion spring
  • Vandal resistant – mechanism not exposed
  • Can accommodate arch top doors with offset floor closers
  • A variety of models to fit the needs of many door closing configurations


  • Rixson Heavy-Duty Floor Closers come in either Heavy-Duty model 27 (offset) or model 28 (center hung)
  • All closers are handed
  • Appropriate functions and strengths must be chosen to accommodate lead lining, extra high traffic, fire rating, independently hung or quick install models
  • All closers have separate and independent checking valves, to control latch speed, closing speed and adjustable hydraulic backcheck
  • All single acting closers shall have a built in dead stop feature
  • All closers shall have one piece spindle assembly
  • Extra heavy-duty closers shall have minimum of two thrust bearings and one needle bearing
  • Closers will not have compression spring

To place your order for a Rixson Heavy-Duty Floor Closer, or for a quote, contact your local IDN Branch.

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