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The Rosslare AC-G43 Outdoor Backlit PIN/Proximity Controller is used for indoor/outdoor systems where PIN credentials are required. Each Rosslare Outdoor Backlit/Proximity Controller unit can be programmed with up to 500 users.

Applications for the Rosslare AC-G43 Outdoor Backlit PIN/Proximity Controller include perimeter, interior and exterior doors in Multi-Family Housing, Property Management and Industrial Facilities.

Rosslare AC-G43 Outdoor Backlit PIN/Proximity Controller

Main Features:

  • 500 Users
  • Code search feature for easy maintenance of user codes
  • Three user levels:
    • Normal – Requires single PIN code or Proximity card
    • Secure – Requires PIN code + Proximity card
    • Master User
  • Three access levels:
    • Normal
    • Bypass
    • Secure
  • Integrated keypad for PIN entry
  • Programmable PIN code length of 4 to 8-digits
  • Programmable Backlight and active LED control
  • Internal buzzer
  • Suitable for mullion installations.
  • Vandal proof screw (special tool supplied)
  • Supplied with mounting template for easy installation
  • Powered either by transformer (AC) or regulated power supply (DC)

Professional Grade Features:

  • IP65 water-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Internal buzzer
  • Two inputs: REX and Auxiliary
  • Two Forms C, 2 Amp outputs: Lock Strike and Auxiliary
  • Two tri-colored status/programming LEDs
  • Ten programmable auxiliary behavior modes including Door Ajar, Forced Door, Alarm Shunt, Door Monitor, and LED control
  • Programmable Bell, chime, siren and strobe features available with BL-D40
  • Programmable siren time (with BL-D40)
  • Built-in case and optical back tamper
  • Lockout feature on wrong entries (Keypad / Card Tamper)
  • Programmable lock strike release time
Size: (H x W x D): 135.4 x 44.2 x 28.5 mm (5.3 x 1.7 x 1.1 in)
Weight: 178 g (6.3 oz)

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