If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you probably noticed some posts that we were at the Security Hardware Distributor Association (SHDA) Convention last week. This is the time where distributors and manufacturers can meet, discuss new products and keep the great relationships going.

Kidde Logo

If you have not heard, the Supra line was purchased by Kidde. Kidde is often known as a manufacturer of Smoke Alarms, CO Detectors, and Fire Extinguishers. As a distributor of Kidde, IDN can provide our locksmiths the complete package for security products (Supra for your customers keys) and Safety (Smoke Alarms, CO Detectors, and Fire Extinguishers).

7 Years Life Expectancy

Did you know that after 7 years, the life expectancy of your smoke alarm is over not because of the batteries, but the sensor within that detects smoke is no longer functioning at its greatest potential.

Is the Alarm Beeping?

Once the battery has been replaced, if the low battery chirp continues, you have a sensor that has gone bad.

End-Of-Life Warning

If the house or commercial building has a CO Alarm or Smoke Alarm purchased/installed post-2009, then it is under new rules. In 2009, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) began requiring an end-of-life warning to alert home and building owners when the CO alarm has reached the end of its useful life. Since this ruling, all Kidde CO alarms have a proven life of seven years, and Smoke Alarms now have a 10 year life span.

Contact your local IDN for information, or if you are working on a job, mention to the owner of the home/building to update their alarms.

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