Safety and Security film is a protective film applied to glass in new or existing windows to create an invisible shielding to hold glass in place against impact. Using heavy-duty polyester film to adhere to the glass helps provide a powerful barrier useful in deterring intrusion/theft and guarding against injury from broken glass.

Applications for Safety and Security Film include commercial storefronts, jewelry cases, trophy cases, Schools and Universities and Hospitals.

What is Safety and Security Film?

A protective film that is applied to glass in new or existing windows and doors. This creates an invisible shield to hold the glass in place if subject to impact.

How Does Safety and Security Film Work?

The heavy-duty polyester film is applied to the inside surface of the glass.  It is bonded to the glass by strong adhesive.  The film is optically clear and provides a powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur.  Thicker films are made to perform better in situations where there will be repeated impacts to the glass, even after breakage has occurred.

Deterring Intrusion: While the use of security film may not prevent intrusion entirely, it is intended to significantly increase the amount of time needed to break through the glass.  This delay is often enough to deter the efforts of the intruder after unsuccessful attempts to break through the glass.  At a minimum, it can provide precious extra time for occupants of the building to take emergency action.

Protecting Against Theft: The success of smash-and-grab burglary in storefronts, jewelry cases, or homes is dependent on a criminals’ ability to gain quick access to the building or display case.  The criminal is not concerned about being caught on camera or setting off an alarm.  Safety and Security Film prevents criminals from gaining quick access through a window, door, or into a display case.

Guarding Against Injury: When ordinary glass breaks, there is considerable risk of injury from broken pieces or shards of glass.  This can happen as a result of bad weather, flying debris, seismic tremors, or accidental impact.  With filmed glass, this hazard can be significantly reduced.  Upon impact, filmed glass will break, but the glass will remain substantially intact in the window, door, or display case.

Why is Safety and Security Film Needed?

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of a public building, home, or business.  They are points of entry for people who may mean harm to the occupants.  They provide a means of access for enabling theft.  They are an inviting target for vandals.  And they present a risk of injury as a result of breakage.

Installing safety and security film is an effective means of deterring, or at least delaying, intrusion; protecting against theft and/or vandalism; and/or guarding against injury from broken glass.

Where is Safety and Security Film Needed?

  • Safety and Security Film can be used in many applications including, but limited to:
  • Schools
  • Storefronts
  • Jewelry Cases
  • Residential Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Trophy Cases
  • And much more!

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