The Sargent and Greenleaf Audit Lock is designed with the purpose of being able to provide detailed audit reports. The Sargent and Greenleaf Audit Lock creates reports that determine when it was accessed, when the password was last changed and who changed it. Easy to program—the Audit Lock doesn’t require any separately sold tools or equipment to assign user access or change passwords—all programming can be done via the keypad without opening the lock itself.

Applications for the Sargent and Greenleaf Audit Lock include safe deposit boxes, burglary safes and residential or commercial safes.

S&G Audit Lock


  • Underwriters Laboratories Listed Type 1, CEN B, VdS Class 2, A2P B/E, DNV 3492, and RoHS compliant
  • Deadlocking, motor driven bolt withstands over 225 lbs. of end pressure
  • Standard model for boltwork blocking applications
  • Push/Pull model for boltwork attaching applications. Will push and pull as much as 5.6 lbs. (25 newtons).
  • Snap-in touch key reader assures fast and accurate audit data transfer
  • Full time/date event audit trail helps with security procedure compliance
  • PC-based, easy-to-use audit trail software (purchased separately)
  • Captures 400 events in audit trail
  • Up to 30 users and flexible user programming
  • Manager employee, dual control and multiple user modes
  • Time Delay 1 – 99 minutes
  • Silent duress alarm (requires optional duress module)
  • Spy-Proof Keypad Cover (to prevent bystanders from seeing the code you enter)
  • Operates on two 9-volt batteries located in the keypad—easily changed
  • All programming is accomplished via the keypad; no special programming tools required
  • Low battery indicator signals when batteries need to be replaced


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