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The SARGENT SE LP10 is a newer product which is a multiCLASS Solution, an Integrated Wiegand Access Control Product. The SE LP10 is a wired access control lock that offers various features including:

  • Lockdown Capability
  • An integrated design which incorporates all access control components, including card reader, door position switch, and request to exit monitoring sensors
  • Supports multiple credentials, including HID, AWID, Indala, and EM4102

Sargent SE LP10 with Lockdown Capability

The SARGENT SE LP10 brings a new level of flexibility to our Integrated Wiegand access control solutions. Featuring HID® multiCLASS® SE™ technology, the SE LP10 supports multiple industry leading credentials, making it ideal for mixed credential populations and facilities transitioning to higher security credentials. It is also available in the SE LP10-F model for secure physical access projects that must comply with Personal Identity Verification (PIV)standards under Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201.

  • Features HID Global’s Secure Identity Object (SIO™) digital credential technology to provide advanced security and performance
    • SIO digital credentials support data authenticity and privacy by binding information to a specific credential for additional authentication and encryption on top of device-specific security
  • Features HID multiCLASS® SE technology to support multiple credentials
    • Ideal for mixed credential environments and offers easy migration from 125 kHz proximity credentials to 13.56 MHz technologies
    • Default Programming:
      • 13.56 MHz Card Compatibility
        • Standard iCLASS Access Control Application, ISO14443A (MIFARE) CSN (IPS configuration only), ISO14443B CSN, ISO15693 CSN, PIV and PIV-I (FIPS configuration only)
      • 125 kHz Card Compatibility
        • HID prox, AWID, Indala, EM4102. Additional programming options include Secure Identity Object™ (SIO) on iCLASS SE, SE for MIFARE DESFire EV1 and SE for MIFARE Classic
  • Consolidates all components into the lock
    • Incorporates card reader, Door Position Switch (DPS) and Request to Exit (REX) signaling
    • Eliminates reader interface modules
  • Significantly faster installation time, lower installed cost and reduced disruption
    • Requires only one cable run from the lock to the access control panel
    • Maintains architectural integrity around the door
  • Open architecture platform is compatible with all standard access control systems
  • Aesthetically complemented by SARGENT Studio Collection and Coastal Series levers – elegant design with ANSI Grade 1 hardware offering a complete hardware portfolio, including mortise locks, cylindrical locks and rim, surface and concealed vertical rod exit trim
  • A hard-wired platform for use with existing Wiegand compatible access control systems
  • Centralized control of all locks using customer’s existing access control system
  • For use on exterior doors
  • A multi-colored LED indicates card read activity and can be manually controlled by access control panel
  • Audible beep sounds with card read
  • UL Listed for fire doors available (12- for exit devices)*
  • UL Listed for Fire Doors Certified for Canada*
  • Listed to UL 294 (Access Control System Units) within the U.S. only
  • Solenoid Controlled with the option of Fail Safe or Fail Secure
  • ElectroLynx® connector system reduces installation time and costs, improves reliability
  • Monitoring is based on lock type selected
  • Intelligent power management reduces reader power consumption by as much as 75%


  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Commercial

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