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Do I have to sign a new contract to have access to the Schlage Everest 29 Primus?

The Schlage Everest 29 is available in three formats; Everest 29, Everest 29 Primus, and Everest 29 Primus XP.
  • All of the full size Everest systems use the “Cxxx” and “Dxxx” family of keyways.
  • All of the full size Everest 29 systems use the “Sxxx” and the “Txxx” family of keyways respectively.
  • The “S” keyways are backwards compatible with the “C” keyways and the “T” keyways are backward compatible with the “D” end user keyways.
  • To get the Schlage Everest 29 Primus (standard or XP) in your sidebar, all you have to do is order up the product in an “S” keyway.  Example S123.  Remember that the C123 keys will not go into the S123 cylinders, but the S123 keys will go into the C123 cylinders.
  • Non-Primus Everest 29 is set up the same way.
  • The SFIC Everest “B” keyways correspond with the SFIC Everest 29 “R” keyways and is also backward compatible.


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