Active shooters in public venues like schools and universities are a hotly debated topic throughout the security industry and school security consultants everywhere all claim to be able to address the failings that schools districts need to overcome to prevent these threats.

Perhaps the best way to support the growing need for security in schools and universities is in supporting standardization of how schools and universities are audited. This can also be assisted by creating a certification process to vet a security professional’s ability to consult in school security.

One system that hopes to establish standards in how we measure the vulnerabilities of schools and universities is the School Access-Control Vulnerability Index™ (SAVI) . SAVI was launched by Napco Technologies in 2014 as a tool to assist industry professionals with security audits and vulnerability assessments. This assessment test is conducted on a school’s security to give quantitative feedback on the vulnerabilities and improvements that can be made to security systems and strategy.

The goal of SAVI is to not only to assess a school’s vulnerabilities by analyzing its current security system but to establish a standard in determining the best security fixes on a holistic level. Because SAVI is the collected security efforts of general and school security experts across the U.S., the result is an overall baseline of security recommendations that everyone can agree upon.

If you’re interested in testing your school or university with SAVI, then consider additionally taking the IDN School Safety Vulnerability Assessment for a sample assessment of your school’s vulnerabilities.

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