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The SDC 480 Series Wireless Push Plate Switch Kit is designed for wireless door actuation that can be integrated into an access control system for controlled access and automatic closing.

Applications for the SDC 480 Series Wireless Push Plate Switch Kit include any restricted rooms or ADA compliant access doors that require wireless door actuation as is commonly found in Industrial Facilities or Hospital buildings.

SDC 480 Series Wireless Push Plate Switch Kit


  • Pressing Any Part of the Push Plates
    • 4 ½” Active Area Causes Switch Actuation
  • Surface Box Mount
  • Transmitter: Pre-Wired for Quick Installation
  • Transmitter Antenna Magnifies Signal
  • Receiver Designed to Control Automatic Closing and Anti-Burglar Systems


Push Plate Switches
Mounting Plate Heavy Duty 1/8” Mounting Plate
Faceplate Heavy 18 Gauge, 630/US32D Satin Stainless
Steel Standard
Legends Bold Debossing or Engraving with Blue Infill
  • SPDT, 15 Amps @ 125/250VAC
  • UL 1054, CSA Listed
Depth 4-1/2” Square/ Round SPDT-3/4” deep
Infill Blue, Ability Symbol, PUSH TO OPEN


 Wireless Transmitters (400W1-433)
Voltage Input 9V Battery (included)
Trigger Input Momentary, N.O.Dry Contact
Temperature -20°F — 100°F
Dimensions 1-9/64” x 15/16” x 7/32


Wireless Nano Receiver (400RC433)
Carrier Frequency 433.92 MHz
Power Supply 12/24 VAC/DC (Jumper select)
Relay Numbers 1
Contacts C-NO
Temperature -4°F — 158°F
Dimensions 1-1/4” x2” x 3/4” Deep

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