2-Door Access Control Panel with Ethernet

Secura Key has a 2-door access control panel with ethernet, the SK-ACPE-LE, and it is now compatible with a new Access Control System Software, the SK-NET™ Version 5.20. SecuraKey SK NETThe SK-NET™ features two new, critically important features:

    System Lockdown Real-Time Door Status Reporting.

These features work with either the Secura Key SK-ACPE-LE or the NOVA.16 (SK-MRCP) access control panels and Smart Readers. SK-NET™ provides three progressively more secure Lockdown levels including:

  • Global Lock, which cancels all Manual or Door Zone unlock commands
  • Global Inactive for Lockdown Group, which also places all doors in inactive mode
  • Global Lockdown for Lockdown Group, which also disables REX or “remote open” inputs.

A door status icon color indicates whether doors are unlocked, held or propped open, forced open, or if all doors are secure. Override cards can allow access at any reader for authorized users, such as first responders.


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