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The Securitron AccuPower AQD6 Series Power Supplies are dual voltage supervised units with a battery charger, designed to magnetic/electrified locks, electric strikes, card readers, sensors and other devices in access control systems. The AccuPower AQD6 Series feature up to 16 independently controlled 12/24V DC power limited outputs.

Applications for the AccuPower AQD6 Series include virtually any access control systems with more than a few powered electronic access control devices in Industrial Facilities, Hospitals, and School and Universities.

Securitron AccuPower AQD6 Series Power Supply
Product Features:

  • Dual voltage 6 Amp 12V or 24V DC field selectable continuous output
  • Tolerates brownout or over-voltage input +/- 15% of nominal voltage
  • Thermal shutdown protection with auto restart
  • Circuit breaker protects against over-current and reverse battery faults
  • Dedicated battery charging circuit prevents over-voltage on locking devices
  • Expandable up to 16 outputs; Class 2 power limited outputs available
  • Available with a single relay fire trigger or individually fire trigger relayed outputs
  • MagnaCare® lifetime replacement, no fault warranty
  • UL 294 (Rev. 6) Listed
  • UL 603 Listed
  • ULC S318 Listed
  • UL 1481 Listed
  • RoHS Lead Free
  • 6 Amp @ 12V DC or 24V DC output
  • 115 or 230V AC/50 or 60HZ input
  • Supports up to two (2) sealed gel, AGM or wet lead acid batteries
  • Output voltage ripple at full load 240mV p-p


High efficiency: 90% @ 24V output, full load
Operating Temperature: -4 to +122F [-20 to +50C]
Dimensions: 14″ x 14″ x 4.75″ enclosure
Shipping Weight: 12.7lbs [5.76kg]

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